A Quick Visit to our Workshop

Once a figure has been designed, a mould has to be made.
A specialist in the art foundry makes the mould in which the figure is to be cast.
The first step is to make a wax model, which is later cast in bronze.
The specialist has to make alterations to the wax model before the final cast can be made.


Once the bronze figurine has been cast, the sprues have to be removed and the rough surfaces polished.
At this stage any necessary precision work is carried out. Any small flaws (e.g. small bubbles or holes) are
removed or soldered. Once this has been completed, the figurine is sand-blasted, polished with a machine
and then polished by hand to give a shiny smooth finish. If the ornament is not then plated (with gold or silver, etc.),
the natural patina of the bronze will return after a certain length of time.

We work solely with German companies and do not have any workshops abroad.