Mudguard Figurines

Are you looking for something extra special for your motorbike?

We can help you put the finishing touch to your bike.
The various bronze figurines can be modified to give them your own personal touch.
Chrome-, black chrome-, silver- and gold-plating or varnish give your motorbike that extra little something.
Sapphires or other precious stones can also be set into the figurine. Imagination knows no bounds.
Each figure is a hand-finished individual item. Some of the models are produced as limited editions.
It is also possible to order completely unique items.
Please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to come up with a really creative idea.

MOT (TÜV in Germany) rules and regulations

Recommendation 97/24/EG, section 3, appendix 1 states that the figurines may be used on
bikes on the roads as the outer edges of them are in accordance with the measurements in
the recommendation (this excludes the eagle’s head).
Should you require more information, please use our contact form.
We can then pass on the relevant address to you. (TÜV Homologation)


Our new design.

These flat figures, made of high-quality plastic,
can just be stuck onto the mudguard or petrol tank.