About Us

Our team consists of my husband, our daughter and myself.

My husband, Alexander Hörzing was born in Salzburg in 1968. He studied dental technology,
moved to Munich in 1992, sat the exams for his master craftsman’s diploma and set up his own
dental technical laboratory in Munich’s Viktualien Market in 1996. When he has time, he makes
the casts for our models and helps me put the finishing touches to the figurines.

Our daughter, Marie, is our second child and was born in Munich in 1996.
She helps part-time in the studio.

My name is Susanne Hörzing and I was born in Munich in 1967. After passing my leaving exams at school,
I studied graphic design and gained my diploma. At first I worked in several advertising agencies in Munich
and then spent two years in Frankfurt working for Michael Conrad and Leo Burnett. In 1993 I returned to
my favourite spot, Munich.

After the birth of my two children, I stopped working and began painting whenever I had time for it.
At the beginning of 2012, I attended a computer course in order to learn about the latest programmes
written for design and graphics.

At this stage, I designed and produced our first mudguard figurine „Pretty Betty“ for a friend.
My husband was able to use his experience and training to make the models, do the casting and the polishing.
As only very small pieces can be cast in a dental laboratory, each cast is prepared in a specialised foundry.
This also applies to the more intricate figures. Slowly but surely, we began to develop more mudguard figurines,
which can, of course, also be mounted onto any other part of a motorbike. Gradually, we came up with new ideas
as how to refine and upgrade models to make them more unique. Chrome-plating was an obvious choice,
as was gold- and silver-plating. Individuality can be achieved by using gemstones
(e.g., sapphires, which occur in many colours). This is what transforms a model into a totally unique figurine.

Specialists do all the plating work and inset the precious stones. Designing and moulding the figures is a fascinating job.
Just to hold the finished object gives one an indescribable feeling of satisfaction and joy.

Please contact us if you have any special wishes.
We will do our utmost to fulfil them, insofar as it is technically possible.[hupso_hide]