Tailor-made Just for You.

We run a small studio in the Munich area,
where we specialise in bronze and other plated metal objects


If you are looking for something unusual for your motorbike,
an exclusive gift or just something for your home – then we are the specialists for you.

We design figurines for custom-made motorbikes.
They can be attached to the mudguard or any other part of your bike.
Perhaps you have finally found the perfect bike and now all that is missing
is your own personal figurine on the bike?
Our Homepage will give you some great ideas….

The figurines are made of bronze and can be plated on request.
They can be chrome-, gold-, or silver-plated or varnished.
Precious stones (for instance, sapphires) can be used to produce an even more exclusive model.
The little figures are cast in an art foundry and then finished off by hand.
Fully-qualified skilled workers carry out the plating work and set the precious stones.

Each piece becomes something totally unique.

We also offer dog-lovers and collectors special ornaments.
We have just started our „DogsforDogs“ series, with which we plan to support animal charities.
„Mina“ is the first dog to appear in our dog collection „DogsforDogs“.